Personal Growth Strategies

At Chamberlain Group, our role is to make sure your estate plan reaches that highest level.

How brilliant was American Express in the 1960s when the company issued its Gold Card?

It was the first taste of “leveling up.” Now, the satisfactions of gold, platinum, titanium, and sapphire are deeply imbedded in our culture. It is also a very useful way to think about leveling up your estate plan.

The base level estate plan can assure that multigenerational assets will reach the right people, at the right time, and in the right manner. That’s no small goal, but the next levels hold so much more promise:

  • Minimize tax erosion on multigenerational wealth
  • Preserve your family capital for generations
  • Increase the value and control of your family and business assets
  • Share your prosperity with the larger commonwealth
  • Perpetuate principles and beliefs as a family legacy

Each level brings more sophisticated tax, trust, legal, accounting, and funding strategies. Each level enhances your ability to preserve, expand, manage, transfer, and distribute multigenerational assets. Yet, anyone looking back at a long life of success realizes that the real measure of a lifetime lies in its meaning. Its significance. Its goodness.

Our Personal Growth Strategies Services include:

  • Evolving Wealth

    • Estate Planning
    • Estate Tax Liability Funding
    • Multigenerational Wealth Transfer
    • Asset Protection
    • Financial Planning
    • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Innovative Insurance Solutions

    • Life Insurance Portfolio Design
    • Proprietary Insurance Products
    • Insurance Portfolio Administration & Reporting
    • Insurance Consulting

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