Investment Consulting

Sound and reliable investment advice is not a prediction - it’s a process. At Chamberlain Group, our process explores every client’s investment philosophy and goals, risk history and risk temperament, financial resources, and performance expectations. We test your answers and probe your reasons so we can lead to responsible strategies and contingencies.

  • What is the best investment decision you ever made - what you were thinking and feeling?
  • What about the worst decision? Why? How did you recover?
  • What are your aspirations for the wellbeing of your family? Your business? Your community?

The process includes our continuous research of the investment landscape - assessing strategies, benchmarking performance and suitability, measuring fee and tax erosion, and developing responses to change. We also look carefully at the intricate interplay between investment and insurance products. Few investors are aware of how the traditional lines between these two areas have been redrawn in recent decades. By evaluating new possibilities across product types, we can integrate structural features to expand accumulation performance and risk management results.

  • Our Investment Consulting Services include:

    • Investment Portfolio Design & Implementation
    • Investment & Insurance Integration Analysis
    • Investment & Strategy Review

    • Risk Management
    • Manager Research, Monitoring & Due Diligence
    • Performance Measurement & Attribution
    • Tax Management

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